Tangled (2010)

Surprisingly, one of the most debated movies in recent weeks. Some of my friends love it, while others deem it disappointing. I know I’m probably too late for this, but here I am finally writing my bit after watching it three nights ago with my little brothers Sean and Kevin. Based on the original tale, Tangled tells the story of Princess Rapunzel, whose magical hair compels a scheming Gothel to steal her from the castle and raise her in a hidden tower, kept away from all humanity. There Rapunzel remains until her eighteenth birthday, when she ventures outside for the first time with the help of wanted bandit Flynn Rider. Together, they pursue her dream of seeing the yearly lantern ritual her kingdom holds in her memory.

It’s a standard fairytale recipe: a beautiful princess, a swashbuckling rogue-prince, and an evil hag hankering for immortal youth; but frankly I cannot hate the movie for that. True, as Jason said, Disney has offered us far more memorable princesses like Jasmine and Ariel, but that does not mean Rapunzel is altogether un-quirky. She will never rank among my favorite princesses, but that does not mean she is altogether forgettable.

Character isn’t really this movie’s strongest point, and neither is it plot (though I did like one unexpected reversal involving the final cutting of Rapunzel’s hair). It’s not the music either: Angel once remarked that the soundtrack does not really impress on its own. So what is it that makes this film work? In one word: glitter. The colors and lights, the animation, the golden hair—visually, the movie does not fall short of amazing. At first I couldn’t believe I fell for all that glitter, but in retrospect: so what?

I have to share a story. While watching, I asked, “Why do they always have just one child?” Sean answered, “So it would be dramatic.” Apparently, at nine, kids already know all about manipulation, but they still manage to enjoy themselves. Unlike them, most of us choose to focus on the predictable resolution, the unexplained epiphany, the inevitable plot holes. Disney makes millions while we sulk and complain: who gets the shorter end of the stick? So Tangled isn’t the best animated movie out there, and yes, it is overrated, but it’s still pretty good. Watch it with kids: at least for ninety minutes, you’ll love it.

‘And for that one moment, everything was perfect. And then that moment ended.’

‘A fake reputation is all a man has.’

‘You were wrong about the world. And you were wrong about me!’

‘No! I won’t stop! For every minute, of the rest of my life, I will fight! I will never stop trying to get away from you!’


3 thoughts on “Tangled (2010)

  1. theburningpulpit

    Tangled! Hahahaha!
    Once scene recommends itself to me, though. But, yeah. Just the one scene. And let’s face it–we adults get a sick sense of satisfaction when we ‘sulk and complain’ of Disney’s latest… stuff. Or maybe that’s just me?

    1. Mich Post author

      True, true. And not just about Disney stuff: most of us get all smug and self-complacent if we end up not liking something supposedly good, thinking we have better taste than those who liked it. It’s the bitchy critic in all of us, maybe? Haha.


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